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Ear seeding, also known as ear acupressure or ear reflexology, involves placing small seeds or beads on to specific points on the ear. These ear seeds are tiny and made of Vaccaria plant seeds or gold or silver pellets. Placement of these seeds on the ear is believed to stimulate reflex points that correspond to different areas of the body. The goal of ear seeding is to promote balance and harmony, alleviate stress and tension and address specific health concerns. It is a safe, non-invasive, relaxing, and natural way to support overall wellbeing. 

The ear is a micro-imitation of the whole body, comparing the shape to an inverted foetus, and modern clinical research provides strong evidence regarding its effect on neural pathways. It is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, dating back thousands of years in which they believe that health depends on the flow of Qi (energy) in the body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this energy travels along pathways known as meridians.  By placing the ear seeds on points along these meridians, it is thought to clear up any Qi blockages which can help with numerous health conditions.  It also stimulates the nerve connections between the ear, central nervous system and brain, which in turn sends healing messages to the organ or system in which the health problem is located. When stimulated, the brain releases pain relieving endorphins quickly calming chronic pain and discomfort.


The modern development of ear seeding is often attributed to Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician,  and pioneer of auricular therapy in the mid-20th century.  Dr. Nogier’s work involved mapping out specific points on the ear and their connections to different parts of the body. He developed a systematic approach to auricular therapy, which laid the foundation for the practice we know today.

You can have this therapy as an add-on to your existing reiki or reflexology treatment or as a stand alone therapy.

Add on ear seeding therapy £5 to £10 depending on time taken to consult and place the ear seeds

Stand alone ear seeding therapy including consultation and placement - 30 mins £20

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