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         "Peace comes from within,
           do not seek it without
                    ~ Buddha ~


I recently completed my Reiki Masters with Corrine it took me a long time to find the right Master to train with as this is an important part of your development. I couldn’t of asked for anyone better Corinne was so warm and lovely I felt like I’ve known her for years she is extremely welcoming & Knowledgeable , I enjoyed every moment of my training and would highly recommend Corinne her energy is beautiful the Trainning room is calm & peaceful I never wanted to go home at the end of the day 😊🙏🏼  Jackie Weston Subedge

I have been having a variety of holistic therapies over several years with Corinne. My experience has been nothing but positive and all my visits have been very effective and so relaxing. I have also completed Reiki training level 1 which I have found personally very beneficial. Likewise I found the mindfulness class to be calming, giving me a new perspective on my life. Corinne is so welcoming and professional in her approach. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Vivien Nind

I received my 3rd atunement today off the lovely corinne,after my level one reiki a few weeks ago,I was so zen after today's session it was just amazing....this wonderful lady is very calming and her passion for teaching reiki is amazing.....I can't wait to get back there....her treatment room is clean,calming and decorated beautiful.I cannot wait to get back there,and I am so excited to learn more.Thank you corinne for a wonderful experience.....see you soon xxx p.s thanks again x   Karen Maguire

I was very interested in the Reiki 1 course which I thought could benefit me as I run my own business and I am always looking for any ideas to lighten the mind. I believe the mind is a powerful tool. If you want some Me Time to promote Energy Healing I would recommend Corinne who is calm, gentle, and patient. I promise you will enjoy this experience of a wonderful gift.  Susan Ellison

Amazing! Corrine has the most beautiful and pure energy! My go to place for reiki treatments and training, thank you x  Loretta Lapworth

 have been visiting Corinne for many years now and always feel very calm and relaxed. My Reiki training was a wonderful experience. This is a great place to train in Reiki. Corinne is a great teacher and amazing healer. Highly recommended. Doreen Floyd

I visited Corrine to do my Reiki 1 training a week ago, from the moment Corrine opened the door to me with her warm welcome I knew I had found the perfect Reiki master to teach me, straight away I felt at ease in the lovely environment Corrine has created for my training. Corrine has a huge knowledge of Reiki and all the training material is very in depth, interesting and easy to understand with a lovely manual with all the information in given to me to take home. I really enjoyed my day training with Corrine and learned so much, by the end of the day it felt like I had known Corrine for years and felt like a close friendship had formed. I can’t wait to go back in a few weeks time to have my next attunement and placement, I have also booked to take my Reiki 2 training in June so I can start my own business.  Lisa Montgomery

Fantastic, lovely lady, lovely calm premises, I came a way with such a sense of clarity and feeling uplifted that I cannot describe in words how good it feels. Already booked in for another rieki session to build on the massive impression of the first, and will most certainly be booking a course after reading the other reviews on here. Thank you so much.   Design Bywhacky

I had a distance healing appointment yesterday by Corinne before a dentist appointment l was concerned about. The experience was amazing. All the anxiety l was experiencing just melted away and left me feeling calm and relaxed for my appointment. Many thanks Corinne, l will definitely book you again before my next dental visit.  Melanie Clensy

I have completed my reiki 1 and 2 this year with Corrine. She is absolutely amazing and encouraging. She remains available and aware of her students after the course is complete and acts as a in person and virtual spiritual cheerleader. Highly recommend her as a teacher and practitioner.  Tracy M

Corinne created the most relaxing environment for my level 1 Reiki training. She made me feel at ease from the moment I was in her company, the training was delivered beautifully. Corinne's reiki room is calm, warm and peaceful. This training is changing my life already and I feel spiritually enlightened and at peace with myself. I cannot wait for Level 2 and the opportunity to be trained by Corinne further who has such a vast and detailed knowledge of Reiki. Thank you Corinne I feel very privileged to have met you, you have made this new journey for me beautiful!   Gemma Smith

My daughter and I had the most amazing experience learning our Reiki Level 1 with Corinne. She really put us at ease and made the whole day enjoyable and so worthwhile. Would highly recommend.  Rachel Atkinson

I just wanted to say a huge thank for the Reiki I course. I feel so focused and can't wait for the next one. It is such an exciting journey and you are an amazing healer and teacher.  Leanne Elliottt

I wanted to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to become a healer.  A feeling of heightened awareness has persisted. Everyone can benefit from Corinne's wonderful Reiki training.  I have practised Reiki on myself and partner with concrete results. I have experienced a detoxifying sensation and a wonderful radiant calm overall feeling of wellbeing. My partner could not believe the healing sensation when I practised on his problem knee and digestive tract. I strongly recommend you book a session with Corinne - it will be life-changing! (2 years ago). Two years on from my Level 1 training session and I was ready to progress, after lockdown, to Level II. I was privileged to have a one-on-one day with Corinne who took me through the three symbols used at Practitioner level, teaching me how to integrate them into my everyday life. As with my first Reiki training experience, I came away feeling released from deep-seated emotional blockages, lighter and energised. I am now equipped to start my own practice, to use advanced Japanese techniques and spiritual practices and, of course, to use Reiki to heal myself as well as others! (Nov 2021)  Gill Mills

Absolutely incredible distant reiki session. Highly recommend Corinne.   Mariana Hunton

Gosh it was an experience, I actually had tingling for a good 24 hours afterwards.  E. Gilbride

Incredible experience (Holy Fire II Healing Experience), feel a heavy burden has been lifted. Feel so relaxed, but energised.  Rugby Rays Group

Stop and smell the roses is a great place to train for Reiki. Corinne is a great teacher and very patient! Definitely recommend training in a lovely calm environment.  Debbie Ross

I can't recommend her enough. She creates a wonderfully relaxing and tranquil experience, with such an amazing knowledge of Reiki. I was experiencing high anxiety last year so I booked in for a few reiki sessions and the experience was life-changing on my mental health and approach to stressful situations. I still feel the effects of these sessions to this day, and can't thank Corinne enough for the incredible impact she has made to my life.   Melanie McGown

Cannot recommend enough.  I wouldn't go anywhere else to train in Reiki, or have a treatment. What impressed me the most is her own training in Japan, which she brings into the sessions with so much passion, knowledge and experience. Always leave feeling incredible.  Lynsey LeKeux

Thank you for such a special day today. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I chose you as my teacher.    J.Emare

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