"Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment and non judgementally"


 -   Jon Kabat-Zinn, the Founder of modern day mindfulness, the Stress Reduction Clinic, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

"It's the best workshop I've ever been on."  Lyne Murray

Contact me if you would like to arrange a one to one Mindfulness Meditation training session or you have a group of friends, family or colleagues who would like to book a group session to suit you all.

1.5 hour one to one session    £38

3 hour group session               £45 per person (deposit required of £20 to secure place)


Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism and enables you to learn how to switch out of being on automatic pilot during your daily life by bringing awareness to the present moment.  It is the perfect antidote to stress reduction.  It helps you to make a radical shift in your relationship to your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations which may contribute to stress, anxiety and depression.  It enables you to become more vigilant of certain mood shifts so that you can more easily disengage from emotion-related modes of thinking, feeling and doing and enter a mindful mode of being. 


What makes mindfulness such a powerful experience, is that its very existence lies within you.  It provides breathing space for you to handle difficulties in the moment and choose new ways in which to respond to them.


You can acquire the ability to become more aware of the present moment, rather than allowing your mind to wander back in to the past or worry about something in the future.  The session includes an introduction to meditation also.

Mindfulness sessions include:

  • instruction on beginning meditation and the science of what happens in your brain and body when you meditate

  • understanding stress and the mind/body connection

  • grounding and breathing exercises

  • introduction to meditation

  • body scan - PMR (progressive muscle relaxation)

  • help to overcome distractions

  • learning awareness of going through life on automatic pilot

  • the science of 'neuroplasticity' and the effects of thoughts on the mind and body

  • you are not your thoughts

  • releasing your inner critic

  • freedom from ruminative thinking, and being stuck in the past or the future

  • practice mindfulness exercises, such as holding and really looking at a particular flower, noticing its shape, its colour, its scent.

  • holding and tasting a piece of fruit mindfully

  • practicing gratitude

  • law of attraction

  • some recommended reading


Booking information

Email: corinnearmsden@hotmail.co.uk

Call: 02476 543986 or 0770 4158052


Thank you for a really lovely meditation and mindfulness session.

From all the Cummins Inc. European and Russian HR Team.  JC

Thank you for the mindfulness session, the ladies really enjoyed it. 

Entrust Care Partnership members of staff

It’s the best workshop I’ve ever been on!  

Lyne M

Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop this morning. It has given me some fantastic information and tools to work with and the enthusiasm to do this for myself. What seemed so difficult previously now seems so simple. 

K.R, Rugby

What a lovely workshop today. Thank you! It's reaffirmed experiences I've had over the years, and has got me even more excited about my journey of studying and practising mindfulness.  You provide a lovely venue. 

Christina Wells

Thank you so much for your lovely Workshop this morning. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with lovely company.  Having group discussions along with the information you provided makes me want to move forward and keep practising Meditation and Mindfulness.  Doreen Floyd

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